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The Rex Theater is proud to maintain and use a true piece of popcorn history...

C. Cretors and Company along with the rest of the world was faced with World War II. In 1941 the War Production Board issued L-65, stopping all non-war-related production. The U.S. was officially in World War II, and the country was being mobilized for the effort. Cretors was out of the popcorn business. Completed machines could not be sold, partly assembled machines could not be completed and the stock on hand could not be fabricated for more machines. As a result, C.J. went to work for the war effort and become a government supplier. Cretors purchased new production equipment and lined itself themselves up for continued operation – producing aircraft oil line fittings and mechanical radio components among other things. After the war, the company, as did all other manufacturing companies, faced a shortage of materials. Cretors introduced the Super 60, a popcorn machine with an all walnut cabinet.

1940-1950 Model Introduced: Super 60, Manual oil pumps added in poppers, Develop the OVT (Official Volume Tester) as a laboratory machine to measure popcorn quality for Popcorn Processors Association. Patent Received: 1941 Patent # 2,254,271: Two piece automatic open cover for pedestal style poppers and demonstrates pins to retain kettle cover.

Super 60

Super 60

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